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5th Swiss Asset Management Day

The 5th Swiss Asset Management Day was organised by the Department for Economic Affairs Canton Schwyz and the Swiss Finance Institute.

The 1st Swiss Asset Management Day was held in 2011. Since then, the event has become extremely popular with the finance community and has attracted large audiences of up to 500 participants including many decision-makers and senior executives from Switzerland and abroad.

This year's Swiss Asset Management Day was again a one-day conference on 'Game Changers for Swiss Asset Management: Technologies, Methods & Alternative Investments' and was held on 7 April 2016 in the Hotel Seedamm Plaza in Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland. Through effective presentations, participants have encountered thought-provoking concepts, have deepened their knowledge, and have learnt more about the triggers and solutions that will enable them to bring asset management to the next level.

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The conference offered several sponsorship opportunities. Express your interest in sponsorship 2017 and contact: Mr. Roman Morger, samdNULL@sz.ch.

Swiss Alternative Funds Awards 

The following Swiss Alternative Funds Awards were granted at the conference:

- Best Swiss Fund of Hedge Funds
- Best Retail Fund of Hedge Funds
- Best Swiss Hedge Fund
- Best UCITS Hedge Fund.

And the winners are ...

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Swiss Alternative Funds Awards 



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