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FORT Global is a quantitative Investment Management firm founded by Dr. Yves Balcer and Dr. Sanjiv Kumar in 1993. Based in New York and Washington D.C., FORT Global manages $5.5 bln in client assets.
FORT Global funds are scientifically researched, systematic fund strategies, engineered to provide diversified, daily- and weekly- liquid and robust capital returns.
FORT Global investment strategy funds are classified as: Alternative liquid, low correlated alternative, multi-strategy, trend following, managed
futures, quantitative systematic, macro, equity market neutral, CTA and alternative risk premia.

Edge of all FORT strategies are the dynamic Bayesian risk allocations with reducing drawdown characteristic. We are glad to explain the methodology.

Available as UCITS, Offshore, Managed Accounts in all major currencies and on all major fund platforms.

SEC, CFTC, NFA, FINMA licensed and EU pass-ported.