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Welcome to Canton Schwyz


Looking for a business location offering optimal opportunities for commercial success? If so, then plan your future in Canton Schwyz. The canton has so much to offer, with the following top three advantages:

  • Ideal location in the dynamic Zurich economic area
  • A wide range of highly qualified employees
  • One of Switzerland’s lowest rates of corporate and personal tax


Our pristine environment, excellent schools and wide-ranging cultural, leisure and recreational opportunities guarantee a high standard of living. It is then no wonder that businesses and individuals are increasingly choosing to live and work in Canton Schwyz.

The canton’s liberal economic policies are tailored to companies who generate high-quality jobs, work in harmony with the environment and generate high added value. Canton Schwyz has become an attractive destination for international headquarters as well as for innovative niche players. It caters equally towards both service enterprises and manufacturers of high-quality products.


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