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Development zones


Canton Schwyz is changing, with whole areas undergoing a transformation in some regions. The coming years will see a number of large-scale development zones taking shape, with some already underway. 

Küssnacht Fänn

The Fänn industrial zone in Küssnacht now includes an additional nine hectares. A number of business parks boasting a state-of-the-art infrastructure are planned for this area, and are aimed at attracting health technology companies in particular. For example, a ‘Medtech Park’ with a total floor area of 26,000 m2 is currently being built on a 15,000 m2 plot. Fänn is at the geographical epicentre of the newly established Health Tech Cluster Switzerland. The entire site benefits from superb transport links as well as a nearby motorway junction.

The Fänn industrial zone in Küssnacht is located here.

More information on the Health Tech Cluster Switzerland may be found in the Service Box.

Nova Brunnen

Planned as an attractive new quarter in the north of Brunnen offering recreational and residential opportunities, Nova Brunnen is currently under construction on a 73,000 m2 brownfield site. The first stage of the development consists of the core “Attractor” zone comprising two modern new constructions, three renovated buildings and a central square for socialising. Nova Brunnen is due to expand around this core over the next few years. The entire project is set to create space for around 1,200 residents and 1,400 jobs. The location is particularly suitable for commercial enterprises in the field of healthcare (including medical technology), ICT and precision technology, for international headquarters and for innovative small and medium-sized niche players. The plans for the “Attractor” core zone have been approved, and building work starts in the autumn of 2014.

Nova Brunnen is being built here.

More information on this project may be found in the Service Box.

Hertipark Brunnen

This centrally located site is adjacent to Brunnen railway station and encompasses a total area of 33,000 m2. A final design plan (complete with environmental impact statement) has been agreed upon for the initial phase of the development (2014 to 2018), which comprises a floor area of 22,000 m2. The gross floor area amounts to 24,000 m2. Thanks to its modular layout and well-conceived land-use concept, the site offers interesting residential, retail, commercial and service possibilities.

The Hertipark Brunnen is being built here.

More information on this project may be found in the Service Box.

Seewen Zeughaus

The Zeughaus site comprises an area in excess of 43,000 m2 and lies in the public area. Due to its location immediately adjacent to Schwyz railway station, it enjoys a strategic importance. The redevelopment of the Zeughaus site over the next few years will create opportunities for a wide variety of uses, including offices, services, commercial and warehousing, retail, public and cultural, small enterprises and local living. The site potentially offers around 700 jobs.

The Seewen Zeughaus site is located here.

Arth-Goldau station

With the Gotthard Base Tunnel planned for completion in 2016, Arth-Goldau railway station is set to become an attractive interface between German-speaking Switzerland and Lombardy. In anticipation of this, the station and its surroundings are being redeveloped. The site benefits from its proximity to Milan, which makes it of particular interest to service providers, international companies and subsidiaries.

The Arth-Goldau station site is located here.