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Education and training 


Switzerland’s education and training system is rated as one of the best in the world. With public-sector and private schools, universities and universities of applied sciences, the education offered in Canton Schwyz and its neighbouring cantons encompasses the entire spectrum of the Swiss education system.  

High standard of education

The school system is characterised by high-quality teaching and a comprehensive range of educational options. Each municipality in Canton Schwyz has at least one kindergarten and one primary school. Secondary and vocational schools are to be found in all larger urban centres. High schools are available in Schwyz, Pfäffikon/Nuolen, Einsiedeln, Immensee and Ingenbohl (Brunnen), whilst international schools are found in Pfäffikon, Freienbach and Wollerau.  

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High-quality vocational training 

The Swiss economy is a beneficiary of the country’s solid vocational training. This not only gives young people an introduction to the world of work, but also aids integration and keeps companies supplied with a qualified workforce at all levels of the hierarchy. Around two-thirds of young people opt for vocational training after their compulsory schooling.

The vocational training system is very much oriented towards the labour market. It is defined and developed by the Confederation working alongside the cantons and relevant labour organisations. As a result, the qualifications gained by trainees in Switzerland are geared towards the needs of the economy. The excellent quality of the vocational training helps to reinforce Switzerland’s credentials as a place of work, of education and training, of research and of innovation.

Canton Schwyz offers vocational training centres in Goldau and Pfäffikon, together with commercial vocational schools in Lachen and Schwyz.  

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Renowned universities

Switzerland offers a broad range of educational and training opportunities on a tertiary level. The system distinguishes between two types of equivalent institutions, each with its own mandate – the traditional university and the university of applied sciences. The former tends to specialise in pure research and bases its teaching on the findings. The latter exhibits a stronger orientation towards professional training and focuses more on applied research and development.

All universities in Switzerland offer degrees at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level under an internationally comparable system of academic qualifications.

A variety of rankings (QS, THE) confirm the enviable reputation of Switzerland’s universities, with six of the country’s institutions in the world’s top 200. These include the University of Zurich and the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), both of which are just a short trip away from Schwyz.  

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