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Taxation of individuals


Canton Schwyz has a very attractive tax regime. The tax burden on income and net wealth is low, and Schwyz is the only Swiss canton not to impose inheritance or gift tax. Canton Schwyz also pursues a policy of privileged dividend taxation and proportional net wealth taxation. The canton’s personal tax rates are amongst the most favourable in the world.

Tax calculator 

Use our tax calculator to see what your personal tax bill would be in Canton Schwyz. 

The tax calculator may be found in the Service Box.

Privileged dividend taxation

In Canton Schwyz, privileged dividend taxation is applicable to qualified stakes of at least 10 per cent in stock corporations. Subject to certain conditions, profits which are distributed as dividends from shares are subject to only one half of the general cantonal income tax rate.

The details for the privileged dividend taxation may be found in the information sheet in the Service Box.