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Company formation


Looking to establish a commercial enterprise? The process of forming a company in Switzerland is straightforward. Before it gets to that, however, a number of key issues have to be considered. These include important aspects such as analysing the market and preparing a business plan.

Canton Schwyz’s Business Promotion Office is on hand to provide advice before, during and after the formation of your company. We can provide an experienced team of in-house and external experts for the actual formation itself and in the event of technical questions.    

AG and GmbH

Due to the advantages it offers even small enterprises in terms of liability, capital requirements and other aspects, the company limited by shares (AG) is, alongside the sole proprietorship entity, the most frequent legal form of company organisation in Switzerland. An AG can be formed by one or more individuals or legal entities (Swiss Code of Obligations, Articles 620-763). The share capital involved must total CHF 100,000 or over. The founders need contribute only 20 per cent (minimum CHF 50,000) of the intended share capital. The capital need not be paid in cash, but can take the form of contributions in kind, such as property, plant and machinery, etc. The official incorporation of an AG occurs when it is entered in the commercial register. This stage of the process is preceded by the official authentication of the formation, the adoption of the articles of incorporation or association, the election of the board of directors and the appointment of auditors.

Like the AG, a company with limited liability (GmbH) is a capital company. This is the third most frequent form of company organisation in Switzerland. A GmbH is incorporated when it is entered in the commercial register (Swiss Code of Obligations, Articles 772-827). The formation must be officially authenticated. The minimum share capital permitted is CHF 20,000. The capital can take the form of cash or contributions in kind.   

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Successful enterprises often start with an unconventional idea. However, this idea alone is not enough to secure commercial success. Cantons Schwyz’s Business Promotion Office can mediate useful networking contacts and provide support on the path towards standing on your own two feet. As a partner of the Schwyz Technology Centre, the canton contributes actively to the transfer of knowledge and technology, with the aim of fostering technical and entrepreneurial know-how for start-ups and bringing them together with tertiary educational institutions.

More information may be found in the Service Box.