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Research and development 


Canton Schwyz assumes an active role in the field of knowledge and technology transfer. The aim is to provide companies with access to technical and entrepreneurial know-how for the successful implementation of innovations. The development of advanced technologies and the realisation of new products and services are essential for the preservation and creation of jobs, and they ensure a competitive advantage for companies based in Canton Schwyz.  

Schwyz Technology Centre

Canton Schwyz maintains a Technology Centre of its own, the TZS, with the aim of supporting sustainable company development.

The TZS offers consultancy services and coaching for newly formed companies and also provides established enterprises with support and advice in the areas of corporate analysis and company management, as well as innovation and diversification. It plays an active part in fostering innovative projects and business networks.

The TZS offers attractive office space at competitive rates. In order to ease budgetary pressures on corporate start-ups, rents are particularly low in the first three years. Companies based on the premises also benefit from one-to-one support provided by an experienced local executive.

Another important task of the TZS is running the Health Tech Cluster Switzerland. As its sponsoring agency, the TZS acts as a focal point for the HTCS and oversees its management.

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InnovationsTransfer Central Switzerland

The ITZ – Central Switzerland’s innovation transfer network – acts as a hub for science and business, and promotes the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies in Central Switzerland.

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Micro Center Central-Switzerland

Canton Schwyz supports Micro Center Central-Switzerland AG (MCCS), a centre of excellence in the field of microtechnology. The MCCS offers companies in Central Switzerland direct access to research and development expertise in the area of microtechnology, thus promoting the sustainable commercial success of the companies.   

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Established network

In the area of knowledge and technology transfer, you can benefit from our network comprised of specialist organisations such as universities, universities of applied sciences, technology centres and transfer institutions. Take advantage of the services offered by these professional transfer agencies.